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Veria Living, Airdate: 04/14/14
Jeff Nathan’s Brisket 101 with Apple Cider

Check out the GREAT About.com review of Jeff Nathan Creations Gluten Free / Passover Panko Flakes!
“Gluten-free panko flakes add crunch, flavor and texture to gluten-free recipes”
About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating – read review

NY Restaurant Examiner by: Howard Portnoy
New Jewish Delights – “Jeff Nathan is inspired to invent a new, lighter approach to Jewish Cuisine.”
Passover at Abigael’s – “modern variations on a traditional theme”
Hanukkah with Jeff Nathan – “knows his way around a brisket”

The Jewish Press
“Abigael’s On Broadway is a welcome addition to the Kosher consumer seeking a quality dining experience by one of New York’s top celebrity chefs.”

N.Y. Jewish Herald
“Abigael’s raises kosher culinary creativity to a wondrous new level.”
“the food is simply sensational”
“you are eating the fruits of intelligence”

Time Magazine
“It’s evocative of the past, of tradition. It’s romantic.”
“It’s an adventure.”

Art Culinaire
About Chef Nathan: “Customers love him”… “versatile & vivacious…”

Theater Week
“nothing short of sensational.”
“The staff is eager, willing, observant, and most helpful.”
“Nathan’s command is felt in every course; and fresher ingredients are simply unimaginable.”
“Sheer artistry!”

Kosher Dining Times
“This willingness to experiment and to forsake the mundane, results in cuisine that is both intriguing and a delightful culinary adventure and has become his trademark.”
“Dessert was a journey of sinful delights.”

James Beard House Special Events
(International Chili Cook-Off)
“some of the best chili around.”
“Jeffrey Nathan of Abigael’s, single-handedly defines Jewish Tex-Mex.”
“winner of the International Chili Cook-Off”

Phone: 212-575-1407